Dire Situaiton

A colonel’s command initiated an Officer Grade Determination (OGD) against an outstanding officer. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the officer received nonjudicial punishment for offenses that were not black and white as alleged in the officer’s Article 15 paperwork. Now the officer is retiring and the command initiated an OGD. Everything the officer worked for during a stellar career is at stake – not to mention the potential loss of $500K in retirement pay over the course of the next 30 years of the officer’s retirement.


Aggressive Representation


Ferah Ozbek worked with the officer to ferret out all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged offenses. She wrote a detailed legal memorandum in response to the OGD, advocating for the officer and showing the command why the officer served satisfactorily in the grade of colonel. Ferah Ozbek made sure the command knew all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged offenses and not just the words listed in the nonjudicial punishment, which portrayed a stark picture of this honorable officer. Ferah made sure the command also knew every detail of the officer’s outstanding service as a colonel and outstanding overall service during a distinguished career.


Decisive Victory


This superb officer retired in grade as a colonel. Justice prevailed. The colonel stated “This was the first experience of my career dealing with legal representation, and Ms. Ozbek was exactly what I hoped for in a lawyer. She was extremely smart, built our case very quickly and efficiently, and always available, every email or call or question I had was answered quickly and efficiently without any extra cost. And most importantly we won!”


About Ferah Ozbek


Ferah Ozbek’s passion is to be an ardent advocate, clearing a path to righteousness, helping you regain all that you have lost or may lose, restoring balance and your faith in the future. Her mission is to ensure you have the drive and tools to craft a clear plan of action. She keeps communication flowing, resulting in a clear understanding of what it takes to win – and the convincing argument to make it happen.

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