Dire Situaiton


A civilian with a calling to serve his country decided to join the military. He was a professional with skills the military needed. Once commissioned, he was sent to a remote assignment far away from family and friends and began serving his country. After six months at his duty station, his supervisory chain began an inquiry into alleged misconduct on his part. With no credible evidence, they pointed the finger at him and ostracized him, stripping him of his ability to perform his professional duties. His command initiated administrative discharge action and this young officer’s life came to a tragic halt. He was unable to perform his duties and was now facing involuntarily separation from the armed forces. His professional career, reputation, and livelihood were being threatened.


Aggressive Representation


Ferah Ozbek fought back. After learning what really happened, she was able to show command that they had the facts wrong, and that her client was the real victim in this case. Her advocacy showed command that their actions against this upstanding officer were unjust and inappropriate. Once Ferah Ozbek made them aware of all of the facts and circumstances, command did the right thing.


Decisive Victory


The three star General Commander who initiated the discharge withdrew the administrative discharge package that would have separated the officer with a less than fully honorable discharge. The officer was grateful for the outcome and resumed his life.


About Ferah Ozbek

Ferah Ozbek’s passion is to be an ardent advocate, clearing a path to righteousness, helping you regain all that you have lost or may lose, restoring balance and your faith in the future. Her mission is to ensure you have the drive and tools to craft a clear plan of action. She keeps communication flowing, resulting in a clear understanding of what it takes to win – and the convincing argument to make it happen.

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